Cerberus is a Solutions Partner with Hikvision, the leading manufacturer of cost-effective, highly scalable and intelligent CCTV systems to provide innovative and flexible CCTV security solutions for your building.

Using advanced optical, processing, storage and analysis, Hikvision systems transform the capability and ease of deployment to provide a modern, IP-based, high-resolution CCTV system at very affordable prices.

Our team will assist you at all stages of the deployment process from design and specification to installation, training, monitoring and maintenance.

Cerberus will provide you with everything you need to make your CCTV system comprehensive, responsive and reliable. This includes the cameras, the cabling, the network video recording system, the monitoring stations, the connectivity for remote access and even offsite storage for recording data if that is required.
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Easy access from anywhere

Hikvision solutions provide access to live and recorded data via directly connection screen, network PC or remote laptop, iPad or smartphone. Their software includes a range of analysis tools for detecting suspicious or concerning events or behaviour so that you can be alerted automatically, allowing you to take swift action.

Standards-Based IP-Network Deployment

To reduce costs and increase flexibility, Hikvision cameras use standard Ethernet network cabling, PoE and switching infrastructure. This allows you to integrate the connectivity with your existing cable and networking for Internet, Wifi etc. This dramatically reduces cost and complexity.

High-quality Optics, UHD Resolution and Industry-leading IR imaging

Hikvision has a broad range of cameras available for all applications. Whether you need a discreet fixed-focus camera in an exposed interior location, or a fully-mobile PTZ camera with varifocal lens for use outdoors, Hikvision has an industry-leading solution.

Hikvision uses high-quality optical components as well as high specification CCDs up to 8 Megapixels for very high quality images and recordings. These provide excellent visibility of events, even when they are distant from the camera.

And Hikvision's Darkfighter technology provides clear, precise imaging even in low-light or dark conditions, providing true 24x7 coverage in all locations, regardless of light conditions.