Cerberus Networks has led the way in providing cost-effective private, managed wide area networks that allow businesses to re-think how they work. Our ‘ground up’ approach eliminates many of the barriers of location that can prevent a more flexible and rational approach to situating and managing essential business services.

Take a look at our MyCloud Design Whitepapers or read the Case Study to see how Cerberus can optimise how you use connectivity and cloud services.
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MyCloud Network

MyCloud Network provides a simple, flexible cost-effective way to create a private network between head office, branch sites and remote offices. By putting the wide area network into a private managed environment, your organisation benefits from better security, end-to-end traffic management and simplified administration.

Within MyCloud Network, all traffic between sites, as well as traffic to and from the Internet, is managed at a single central router or firewall, in a simple hub-spoke design. This means that security rules and traffic management policies are deployed once for the whole network. It also avoids the complex many-to-many mesh designs of inter-site IPSec VPNs, dramatically reducing management overhead and opportunities for error or security breach.

MyCloud Network also allows for addition of cloud services, directly integrated into your wide area network, allowing those cloud resources, such as hosted computing, online backup, hosted PBX services etc, to become just an extension to your own private network.
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Cerberus builds wide area networks for our clients tailored to our clients' specific requirements. This includes choosing the most appropriate connectivity for each site based on requirements for bandwidth, resilience and cost. Our whole portfolio of connectivity services can be used in a private network providing complete flexibility including choice of primary and backup connectivity as required, site by site. MyCloud services are available on the following connectivity technologies: With traffic management including ACLs available on all MyCloud services to ensure end-to-end security and prioritised delivery of mission critical traffic, our experienced consultants will advise on the best technology for your requirements based on your bandwidth needs and your budget. Different services offer different service level guarantees meaning that we will always be able to provide the best fit connectivity at any given location.
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Hosted Security

Centralised, hosted security and management provided by MyCloud Hosted Firewall allows clients to determine exactly how traffic will be prioritised and secured across the private network and out onto the Internet via secure break-out. Clients can choose from a range of security services between sites and to/from the Internet including firewall, IPS and application control, antivirus and web content filtering.

Cerberus uses industry leading Unified Threat Management technology from Fortinet at the heart of your wide area network to deliver a full suite of traffic management and security services, end-to-end across the network. With 24x7 management services, reporting and analytics and advanced monitoring, all delivered on high-availability firewall clusters, our hosted security services provide powerful network management as well as peace of mind.
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