Partner Connectivity and Cloud Services

Cerberus Networks works with partners to provide connectivity and cloud computing services to business customers throughout the UK. Cerberus Networks’ market-leading cloud computing platform delivers connectivity and services as a single tightly integrated solution. Our Connectivity + Services model creates huge new opportunities to re-think and optimise how companies use their systems, at the office, at home and in the Cloud to do business more effectively and securely.

Equipped with a full portfolio of connectivity and cloud services, partners are able to extend their reach, ensuring that the latest technologies and applications are available to their clients - whether as a white label service or in working in partnership.

Partner Programme Benefits

  • Simple and cost-effective route to market for Connectivity and Cloud services
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Prioritised technical support & pre-sales resources
  • Online portal for managing and provisioning services
  • SLA, availability monitoring and bandwidth stats
  • Consolidated and flexible billing options
  • Access to multiple carrier networks through strategic partnership
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Industry-Leading Connectivity

Cerberus Networks has a comprehensive range of connectivity products designed to meet the needs of business users - whether connecting to the Internet, the Cloud or for voice-over-IP Telephony.

Cerberus Networks is a leading provider of ultrafast 330Mbps business FTTP, FTTC and ADSL2+ broadband services. We also provide a suite of traffic management, monitoring and router provisioning tools that allow you to add significant value for your clients.

From broadband to Ethernet services and private WANs, Cerberus Networks provide complete network support and advice, backed up by many years of experience in the ISP industry. As an independent service provider we partner only with the best-performing carriers and network operators.

Cloud Services Infrastructure

Based around our MyCloud concept, we deliver a comprehensive suite of key hosted services integrated with tailored, managed connectivity solutions to deliver fast, reliable access and an unparalleled user experience. This solves the key challenge of using cloud-based services. Traditionally, users would buy connectivity and services from different providers, leaving a critical accountability gap. If the user experienced a problem they would be caught between the two providers, and while the traffic from their connection to the services provider had to transit the public Internet there might be numerous points of failure contributing to the problems. By contrast, with Cerberus MyCloud, because the connectivity and services are part of the same infrastructure, we can guarantee fast reliable access to services from anywhere on our network.

Powerful management portals put you in control

The secure Cerberus NetCONNECT portal allows you to place and track orders, view reports, monitor usage and more. Full systems integration using XML is available for partners who have higher volumes or who wish to fully automate the provisioning process. NetCONNECT is now available as a mobile app as well for service management on the move.

The Cloud Services Manager provides a industry-leading interface for intuitive and powerful management of cloud services from Exchange to web hosting and DNS, all available 24x7 from wherever you are.

We put you in control of your services to provide the best possible experience for you and your clients.

Long-Term Relationships

Long term customer relationships are built on real partnerships. All Cerberus Partners work with a dedicated Account Manager and have full access to our pre-sales and technical expertise to ensure that end users are supported and that solutions precisely meet customer requirements. With an allocated customer services representative to address any operational, provisioning, admin or billing needs, you can be assured of consistently high service levels on an ongoing basis.